For Your Future

Segment & interview about the program I directed, Por Tu Futuro.

As I realized that I was on the spotlight, about to go on national television on my last day at work, I had a flashback of everything I had gone through in the past twelve weeks and wondered how it all came together, not aware until then that it was by team work. I had worked in groups before, but not to the extent that was required in this corporate setting. In order to accomplish my objective of implementing a new social program that I created, named "Por tu Futuro" (For Your Future), I had to teach myself how to work with others while simultaneously reinforcing my abilities in leadership, time management, communication, organization, and patience.

During my internship at TVN Media, the primary news station in Panama, I proposed a project that directly addressed the company's development and social responsibility needs. The program had no additional cost to TVN, enabled many of TVN's employees to participate in an accommodating environment, and offered a great experience for underprivileged high school students. The seminar would provide exposure to new careers, while motivating, and inspiring them to pursue a college education.

The moment my boss accepted my proposal I embarked on an amazing journey.

Setting up the program tested my communication skills. I had to create a relationship with a local high school, as well as reach out to the TVN staff and provide a convincing pitch as to why participating would be worth their time and effort. By talking to people directly and being undeterred by rejection, I was able to secure commitments from 20 TVN staff members and a pilot group of ten students. The program design also required organization and time management to put together a class schedule and coordinate an initial curriculum. I had to respond to and include critical feedback from the TVN staff and react flexibly to changes to the original framework.

Watching the first students arrive at TVN was exciting, but it did not compare to the emotional experience of seeing how grateful they were at the conclusion of the program. The staff was also appreciative of the opportunity to share their expertise and inspire young lives. Nothing was more motivating than when a student came up to me and said "Dahlia, you are changing lives." At that point in time I realized that my life had also changed, and by providing this opportunity to others, I had taught myself more than I predicted. I now appreciate how many new things I have to learn in order to surpass future challenges and the importance of knowing how to work with others.