Originally from Panama, Dahlia Dreszer graduated from Emory University, where she majored in Media Studies and completed a concentration in Film and Media Management from the Goizueta School of Business. 

Dahlia is passionate about travel, culture, and languages. She has been devoted to her photography and developing new art for over 9 years. Dahlia is continuously producing new collections of work focused on pushing the boundaries of conventional picture-making. Dahlia’s vigorous aesthetic exploration of the world translates into everything she does and ignites her creative and innovative thinking.  

Artist Statement: 


Within the boundaries of conventional photography, Dahlia found a way to begin a path out of it by exploring another dimension of picture-making where She creates unreal spaces that fly with our imagination and dreams.

Through her art, Dahlia intends to free the mind towards a way of understanding that goes beyond the conventional.  Expressed through photography and digital manipulation, Dahlia creates compositions that break free from reference in a significant way. She is interested in questions regarding artifice in color and naturalness in color, and how it does or does not belong in the environment.  


Dahlia is attracted to the basic vertical and horizontal elements of design and finds them in architectural structures in order to create a dynamic and complex balance in each composition. Her pieces are created through a hybrid process where she combines photography, digital technique, and a painters thought process 




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